Working together with a diverse group of clients across a broad range of industries, each project commands a custom combination of the latest technology and timeless human ingenuity. Whether yours is a LEAN project, whether we’ll be utilizing BIM technology, or even if the entire focus is interior design, we appreciate that our success lives and grows through the personal experiences of the people who inhabit the spaces we design.

How might our team help you with your needs?

Are positive and comfortable environments more conducive to healing and wellness? Silva Stowell design solutions for healthcare facilities reflect our strong belief — one that is shared by our loyal healthcare industry clients — that intelligently designed facilities can and do improve patient outcomes.

Do quality, comfort, and functionality in office space contribute to team member productivity? At Silva Stowell, our own workspace supports our belief that people can achieve even greater things, when they are proud of their facilities and comfortable within their work environments.

How important is sound architectural design in transportation, infrastructure, and public works projects? Approaching these complex environments, the team at Silva Stowell recognizes our responsibility to the taxpayer for functional, durable, and sustainable design solutions.

What kinds of meaningful influences can architecture and interior design bring to the dining, recreation and retail experience? Investors and developers in these competitive industries, who understand the connection between friendly environments and return visits, call upon and trust Silva Stowell.