The Health Science library at Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center is a space that brings education, respite and recharge to the health professionals on campus.   The original library space was unappealing as It lacked design and daylight. 

The facility identified an opportunity to create a new, more inviting space. However, the available space presented a significant challenge: the design team would need to figure out a way to meet user needs with only one-third the footprint of the space it was to replace.  

Silva Stowell worked with the team to optimize the very narrow floor space. In consideration of multiple concurrent activities, the space was zoned in such a way that integrates compatible adjacencies while carving out a quiet area in the back for more focused, individual use. To enhance the user experience technology was a big consideration, including monitors for a variety of uses and the provision of USB power ports throughout for device charging.

Although the space constraints were a challenge for the team, the resulting space shows that thoughtful planning and design can result in a rejuvenated, quiet and successful space.