The Granite Bay Cosmetic Surgery Center is at one with its surroundings. Located just off of the bustling Douglas Blvd. corridor, the facility is comfortably nestled up against a raised embankment while the heart of the facility is focused on a connection with a natural ravine preserve on the sunny, south-facing side of the building.

The team navigated a lengthy planning and entitlement process, working through numerous concerns of neighborhood associations via public outreach. Plan approvals required mitigating environmental and traffic impacts that come along with being the first building in a new professional center.

The architectural design went through an evolution in response to strict Placer County|Granite Bay design guidelines and the vocal opinions of community members. The design solution pays respect to the local environment, utilizing a composition of earth tone based materials that reinforce a sense of context and connection with the surroundings.

The entry courtyard is flanked by a contemporary water feature with thoughtfully designed benches and an expansive bi-fold door to the lounge that opens to provide a large indoor|outdoor space. Beckoning the senses, the site welcomes visitors and offers an enhanced experience for all.

Once inside, the patient lounge is spacious and has a visual energy drawing one’s attention back to the oak tree canopy through the expanse of windows. Although the practice that thrives within the walls tends to be an introverted type use, every opportunity to connect with the outdoors was pursued.

Dr. Christa Clark, one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the Sacramento region, is now able to host patients in an optimal environment for her practice. This is a welcomed service to the local community. Her facility is being well-received by patients, providing the sense of calm and collectiveness that is achieved through its sensible, thoughtful relationship with the natural surroundings.