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Great design reveals itself and asserts meaning in curious ways. Impacts — both striking and subtle — inspire personal connections and powerful, lasting impressions. In the pursuit of great architecture, design determines success.

Welcome to Silva Stowell Architects, where award-winning Northern California architects and interior design professionals embrace diverse projects in commercial architecture with one universal commitment: we design for the human experience.

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Nov 10, 2017, 1:20 PM
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The Bank will transform a historic landmark into a foodie haven

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The Silva Stowell difference exists not only in the successful finished projects, but also in the way we execute our services. Whether we are called up for straight design services or design/build, Silva Stowell is recognized as an experienced innovator.

  • Benefit from Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and LEAN Project Delivery (LPD)
  • Leave the regulators to us, just as healthcare industry clients trust Silva Stowell to lead the OSHPD process

With this highly-specialized, industry-leading technology, Silva Stowell can help you experience your virtual project, as it will eventually be built, through 3-D integrated systems graphics.

  • Anticipate and experience your virtual project before it’s built
  • Understand virtual opportunities and challenges before they become real

Discover how integrated interior architecture and design ensures that indoor living completes the promise of a well-designed project.

  • Promote more harmony and cohesion throughout your project
  • Sustainable features and environments enjoy maximum benefits through attention to detail inside and out