BT Mancini was an expansion project at their existing site in Sacramento, California.  They are a growing Specialty Contractor in California and Nevada that wanted to increase warehouse and office space at this location.  The office space was relocated to the opposite end of the warehouse increasing to 10,000 square feet while allowing the warehouse to increase to 23,000 square feet.   It was important to increase volume and natural daylighting into a once dark warehouse.  Utilizing 14-foot-high storefront and the existing expansive 23-foot open volume to create a dynamic open space.  The space showcases their services by using products that they source while incorporating a branded message.   The 70-foot-long custom graphic expresses what is important to them and who they are by celebrating their team and what they do.  The exterior also took on a new revitalized appearance with canopies, open patio, and landscaping.   This project was a true transformation.   Due to the project success the Design Build team is working with BT Mancini to further expand this property.